About Us


TDK Prod are a group of passionate travellers, who seek to re-create the memories of our travels at every possible opportunity. Our stunning collections of dining room tables feature some of our favourite sites from all across the globe. We are always looking at ways of expanding our collection, and this is why we are always travelling to different areas in different continents, attempting to capture the best images wherever we go. So much of travelling can easily become a distant memory if we do not cling on to the sites that we see, and capturing these sites in photographs, before displaying them as something practical, is our passion.


With over 50 years of experience in travelling and photography, TDK Prod are the only ones who do what we do. Every image during every day is completely unique (e.g. the weather might be slightly different, a tree may have shed some of its leaves, etc), and our reproductions of those images are personal to us – none of our images are copied from other designs. This is why we are able to bring the joyful experience of being in another part of the world, directly into your dining room.




Eva Green

Kristen Stewart

Daniel Jill

John Miller